Kid’s Book Review: Wildsmith – Into the Dark Forest

Kid’s Book Review: Wildsmith – Into the Dark Forest

About the Book and Author

From fantasy writer Liz Flanagan is an magical new series involving dragons, friendship and adventure for readers aged 7-11 years old.

When war threatens her beloved city, Rowan and her mother must flee to the Dark Forest. Though she misses her father, Rowan makes new friends – including a trio of powerful witches. When she rescues a baby dragon from poachers, she discovers the secret of her own identity. Could Rowan really be a wildsmith?

Wildsmith cover
Liz Flanagan

Liz Flanagan lives in West Yorkshire. She completed her PhD in Creative Writing in 2017, and divides her time between writing and teaching – mainly at York St John University on the MA in Publishing and supervising Creative Writing dissertations. Liz is the author of the fantasy stories: Dragon Daughter and Rise of the Shadow Dragon (David Fickling) and  she is fantastic at visiting schools where she inspires and enjoys talking to young people about creativity.

Book Review

Rowan loves exploring and cares about animals and is the sort of person I would love to have as a friend

I really enjoyed reading Wildsmith. It’s a story about a girl called Rowan who goes to live with her grandad to escape a war happening in her hometown. While she is there, she meets lots of unusual creatures and she discovers lots of things about her and her family.

My favourite characters were the dragons, especially the red ones because as babies they were adorable and very clever. Rowan loves exploring and cares about animals and is the sort of person I would love to have as a friend.

The world sounds like a really interesting world to be in because it has magic, witches, wildsmiths and dragons. I love the book and I would recommend it to people who like adventures and mythical creatures.

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