Kid’s Book Review: You Better Watch Out

Kid’s Book Review: You Better Watch Out

About the Book and Author

This is a new creepy YA thriller from Sarah Naughton which will be perfect reading for the long, dark winter months.

Every day in December, a gift is left for Eleri in the abandoned tower block opposite her flat.
At first, she can’t help but be flattered, hoping that her Secret Santa is enigmatic Ras – a boy she has history with.
But with each day that passes, the gifts get darker and more dangerous. Is this a harmless bit of festive fun? Or does this have something to do with Nina’s disappearance last year? If so … will Eleri be next?

You Better Watch Out cover
Sarah Naughton

Sarah J Naughton was born in 1975 and grew up in Dorset. She studied English Literature at UCL and has been in London ever since, spending ten years as a copywriter in an advertising agency before giving it up to have children.

She was shortlisted for The Costa Children’s Book Award for her novel The Hanged Man Rises, and now writes psychological fiction for adults.

Book Review

One word. Amazing. Two words. Read it. Three words. Dark, moreish, chilling. Four words. You Better Watch Out...

Right. So. This book. THIS BOOK. *Sigh* My brain can’t get over how good it is. The plot, the characters, the villain, the theme; it all works so well together!

When I first saw this book, the first thing I noticed was how the title look like it was written in a window with condensation or frost on it. It looked like it was handwritten and then through the letters, you could see outside and see the lights of traffic. This gave me really creepy vibes and the book lived up to them. Creepy, dark backstory and unexpected plot twist in the end? Definitely.

‘You Better Watch Out’. That was the title. ‘You better not die’. That was the subtitle. Remind you of anything, because I know it definitely rang a few bells for me. The use of turning a normally cheerful Christmas song into something haunting and sinister deserves a standing ovation! It was an absolutely genius idea!! Doing this gives the effect that something bad will happen at Christmas and therefore is subtly foreshadowing.

Now, to the characters and beyond! I have to say, my favourite character was EXTREMELY underrated. His name is Beni, and is part of the Pride community. Oh yeah, he’s also the main characters best friend and then, something happens to him and no one really cares! BUT, the way that Beni is really loyal and is always there for his friends makes him a really nice character and, honestly, the best one out of all of them.

There is a little, tiny bit of romance in this book that may or may not be appropriate for the reader, depending on what you parents say or if your mature enough. It doesn’t really go into detail, but I thought I’d mention it just in case

My final thoughts? READ THIS BOOK!!! Seriously though. It’s appropriate for readers 13+, it has loads of creepy elements in it AND I give it a five star rating!! One word. Amazing. Two words. Read it. Three words. Dark, moreish, chilling. Four words. You Better Watch Out…

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