Kid’s Book Review: You’re So Dead

Kid’s Book Review: You’re So Dead

About the Book and Author

This is a thrilling (yet funny) story that will have you laughing out loud one moment on on the edge of your seat the next. From US writer Ash Parsons this is entertaining dark humour that teen readers will really appreciate. It is published in the UK by Scholastic.

Plum Winter has always come in second to her sister, the unbelievably cool, famous influencer Peach Winter. And when Peach is invited to an all-expenses-paid trip to a luxurious art-and-music festival for influencers on a private island in the Caribbean, Plum decides it’s finally her time to shine. So she intercepts the invite – and asks her two best friends to come along to the fest with her. It’ll be a spring break they’ll never forget.

But the island is run-down, creepy, and there doesn’t even seem to be a festival – it’s just seven other quasi-celebrities and influencers, and none of the glitz and glamour she expected. Then people start to die… Plum and her friends soon realize that someone has lured each of them to the “festival” to kill them. Someone has a vendetta against every person on the island – and no one is supposed to leave alive…

Youre So Dead
Ash Parsons

Ash Parsons is a PEN America Literary Award Winner for the Phyllis Naylor Fellowship, and a Literary Arts Fellow for the Alabama State Council of the Arts. She previously taught English to middle and high school students in the US as well as teaching creative writing through Troy University’s ACCESS program and Media Studies at Auburn University. She is the author of three other titles for YA readers. Find out more about them on her website.

Book Review

A hilarious combination of nail-biting moments and teenage humour

On the back of the book it says “A deliciously dark, wickedly funny thriller” and I could not agree more. This book merges the works of Agatha Christie, 1950’s hollywood thrillers and the modern day influencer. What it creates is a hilarious combination of nail biting moments and teenage humour. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone interested in true crime, murder mystery or looking to get into the genre. It’s a really easy read as it is easy to follow the mystery, definitely one of my go to books for the future.

This book had me hooked from the very beginning the cyclical structure of the story revealed all and nothing at the same time keeping me on the edge of my seat (quite literally as I took this on the train). One of the other things that I love about this book is that there are so many layers to the plot helping in creating realistic characters that I, as someone of their age, could completely relate to.

The cast itself was very diverse and though most of the cast could be counted as influencers the variety within that profession, I felt was incredibly well presented. Overall I loved this book and it is definitely top of my recommendations list. Ash Parsons has done an incredible job writing this book and I can’t wait for whatever she brings out next.

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