Kid’s Review: Dragon Mountain

Kid’s Review: Dragon Mountain

About the Book and Author

Dragon Mountain is the first book in an exciting new fantasy adventure series for readers aged 8 -12 years, published by Simon and Schuster.

Deep within the mountain, a great creature stirred in its sleep. Its eyes rolled back in its head, and its wings jerked wide open…

When 12-year-old Billy Chan finds out his parents are sending him to a summer camp in middle-of-nowhere China he doesn’t know what to expect. Then he meets fellow campers Dylan, Charlotte and Ling-Fei and together they stumble upon an age-old secret: four powerful warrior dragons, hidden deep within the mountain behind the camp.

They have been trapped since an epic battle with the Dragon of Death and need the children’s help to set them free before terrible evil is unleashed on the earth. Billy and his friends must set off on a dangerous adventure that will take them to the heart of the Dragon Realm. But can they save the dragon and human worlds from destruction?

Dragon Mountain cover
Katie and Kevin Tsang

Katie and Kevin Tsang met in in 2008 while studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since then they have lived on three different continents and travelled to over 40 countries together. They are now living in the UK and have written the popular Sam Wu books together, for slightly younger readers.

Kevin was born in Copenhagen and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of Sam Wu’s experiences are based on Kevin’s childhood (he’s feeling much more confident now).

Katie was born and raised in Southern California. She has previously worked at Booktrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, and also writes YA fiction as Katherine Webber.

Book Review

I loved how there was never a dull moment and how every bit of it was so thrilling

This book was incredible and such fun to read. I loved how there was never a dull moment and how every bit of it was so thrilling.

This book is about Billy, Charlotte, Dylan and Ling-fei, kids from across the world who have been invited to a special camp called Camp Dragon where they go on a great adventure and become best friends.

The only part of this book which I disliked was the big cliff hanger at the end, because I didn’t want the book to end. I want to find out what happens next.

I hope lots of children read this book; it is one of a kind and now one of my favourite books so I recommended it to my younger brother. This is what he says about it:

This book is amazing. Every chapter gives you energy to read on more.
It is about four children and their dragons and the adventures they have in trying to stop the nox-wings (evil dragons) from bringing back the Dragon of Death. It takes lots of good dragons to bring back the Dragon of Death.

There aren’t any pictures, but this didn’t matter because you can imagine the images through each page’s narrative and descriptions.
I struggled to put the book down. I wanted to read it one million times. It is great and I have read it FIVE times already. I can’t wait for the sequel…


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