Kid’s Review: Interview with a Tiger: And Other Clawed Beasts Too

Kid’s Review: Interview with a Tiger: And Other Clawed Beasts Too

About the Book and Author

This fun and fact-packed non-fiction book is suitable for young readers who love animals, especially ones with claws! It is published by Welbeck.

Ten fierce and furry beasts step to the mic for a Q&A session during which they disclose their likes and dislikes, animal behaviours and curious habits. The factual information is shared in an original format, engaging children to learn interesting truths about some well known and some less well known clawed creatures.

There is also a quiz to test yourself and section at the back informing us about what we can do to help endangered species by preserving their habitats and increasing their chances of survival.

Interview with a Tiger cover
Andy Seed author

Andy Seed is a Blue Peter Award-winning writer. Formerly a primary school teacher, he has written a number of popular series for children and adults. We know from personal experience that he is an enthusiastic and popular author who visits lots of schools making poetry and stories fun for young readers. You can find out more about Andy by visiting his website.

Nick East enjoys illustrating children’s books and he has recently written and illustrated his own young fiction series Agent Weasel. Having collaborated with Tim Peake, Dermot O-Leary, Nick has been shortlisted for several prestigious awards and his artwork in this book is splendid.

Book Review

This book makes me wonder what it would be like if we couldn’t talk to these animals or see them ever again

This book is bright and I like the pictures of all the animals. I like the close up of the tiger’s fur on the front and back pages. I would describe the pictures as cartoon-like, but they are realistic as well.

It is an interesting book because it is a fact book, unlike other fact books because the animals get to answer questions. The author interviews all kinds of clawed animals; some are predators and some are prey but all are endangered by humans.

At the end, the author writes a message about how we can help protect animals. This book makes me wonder what it would be like if we couldn’t talk to these animals or see them ever again.

I like the interviews because sometimes the animals give funny answers and are a bit cheeky. You can give the animals different voices when you read their answers which makes them even more funny!

I like all the animals, especially the jaguar because it has always been one of my favourite animals. The jaguar in this book is a bit lazy like jaguars can be in real life. I like the sloth too because he makes jokes when he answers the questions.

Lots of my friends would like this book because it is about interesting animals and it is good fun to read!

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Reviewer Profile

Junior Reviewer Jonathan
  • Name: Jonathan
  • Age: 5 years
  • Likes: dinosaurs, sports and jokes
  • Dislikes: rice pudding and spiders
  • Favourite Book: Sea Voyage by Gerard Lo Monaco
  • Favourite Film: Peter Rabbit, The Movie
  • Favourite Song: Crocodile Rock by Elton John