Kid’s Review: Leap, Hare, Leap!

Kid’s Review: Leap, Hare, Leap!

About the Book and Author

This picture book by Dom Conlon is suitable for all nature lovers aged 4+ years. It is beautifully illustrated by Anastasia Izlesou and published by Graffeg.

This charming book pays a lyrical visit to the many different types of hares seen around the world, from the fields of Britain to the forests of Japan. Through Dom Conlon’s poetry describing a world through the eyes of a hare leaping away from an unknown danger, the reader learns what makes each species of hare unique and how they survive in their natural habitats. The story is brought vividly to life by the stunning artwork of Anastasia Izlesou.

Children will enjoy learning new terminology and information through Dom’s use of rhyme and repetition . And at the end of the book there is a list of interesting facts and figures showing how remarkable hares are in all their diverse forms making it both a fun and educational choice of book.

Leap Hare Leap front cover
Dom Conlon author portrait

Dom Conlon is a poet and author with a keen interest in science and the natural world.  As an active campaigner for libraries, Dom makes time to perform in the North of England and work with children and adults in order to approach science and well-being through poetry.

You can read more about Dom in his interview with Storytime Magazine.

Book Review

I like that the story is poem-y and I enjoyed saying ‘leap, hare, LEAP!’ at the end of every page!

I really love the pictures in this book. They look colourful and realistic, especially the Arctic Hare. The hare leaps to a different country to find its other hare friends. Hare needs to leap away from a fox, a coyote, an owl and humans, but she can do this because we learn that she can run very fast and leap high.

I didn’t know that a hare could run faster than Usain Bolt! I think all of my friends would like this book because you can read it then leap about like a hare.

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Reviewer Profile

Junior Reviewer Jonathan
  • Name: Jonathan
  • Age: 5 years
  • Likes: dinosaurs, sports and jokes
  • Dislikes: rice pudding and spiders
  • Favourite Book: Sea Voyage by Gerard Lo Monaco
  • Favourite Film: Peter Rabbit, The Movie
  • Favourite Song: Crocodile Rock by Elton John