Kid’s Review: My Headteacher is an Evil Genius: And Nobody Knows But Me

Kid’s Review: My Headteacher is an Evil Genius: And Nobody Knows But Me

About the Book and Author

This highly illustrated and original school-based comedy adventure for readers aged 8-11 years is the creation of Jack Noel and published by Walker Books.

Shy girl Tom Ginger is the world’s most unlikeliest hero – until she discovers that her new braces have the power to act as radio transmitters, allowing her to tune into the conversations of her new super-evil head teacher. Suddenly it’s up to Tom to save the school from Miss Fortune’s dastardly plans.

The quantity of excellent illustrations will make the story appealing to those young readers who don’t like too many pages of uninterrupted text.

My Headteacher is an Evil Genius cover
Jack Noel

Jack Noel is an author, illustrator and designer of children’s books. He was born in Brighton and then studied mathematics at Bristol University, by mistake! He has since worked as a cover designer for Walker Books and Simon & Schuster and now works in an illustrators’ studio in Soho. Jack’s favourite things are The Simpsons and Weetabix. You can follow him online @jackdraws (Twitter and Instagram).

Book Review

It is full of humour, cleverly written and a real page-turner

‘My Headteacher Is An Evil Genius And Nobody Knows But Me’ is great! It is full of humour, cleverly written and a real page turner; I was eager to find out what happens next. Although the story is light and jokey, you do get to know the characters and their personalities. Tom is the best character by far; she is very shy and timid so not an obvious hero, but rises to the challenge because she is so smart. The part about her braces having the power to tune into her teachers’ walkie talkies was hilarious, as she finds herself turning into a spy, and she and her friends save the school. The headteacher has lots of nasty plots which Tom manages to stop…

My favourite part is when Miss Fortune (the headteacher) tries to chop up the ‘rejects’; Tom, Sam, Nucky, June and Adele. Nucky uses his parkour skills to escape, swinging about like Tarzan!

The illustrations, although not realistic, are perfect for the style of story. They’re really comical and detailed.

I don’t have a single bad thing to say about it and would definitely recommend it to my friends. I think children of any reading age would really enjoy this book.

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