Kid’s Review: Rescue

Kid’s Review: Rescue

About the Book and Author

This beautifully illustrated non-fiction book is packed full of adventure stories describing real-life rescue missions from around the world that will surely amaze children. It is created by the same award-winning team behind Survivors and Heroes , published by Faber and is suitable for readers aged 8 Years +

Whether dragging a friend from a blazing car, masterminding a search far below the earth’s surface, or recovering astronauts from an aborted space mission, Rescue reveals the ingenuity, courage and doggedness of the human spirit all over the world. It is another astonishing collection of true adventures, both contemporary and historical that promotes empathy, respect and courage.

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David Long writer

Writer and historian David Long is the author of the acclaimed Animals’ VC: For Gallantry and Devotion and more than twenty other non-fiction books on a wide range of historical subjects. Jet the Rescue Dog, the first of several titles for younger readers, was published by Faber in 2014.

Kerry Hyndman is a London based illustrator and map maker with a wide range of editorial, advertising and publishing clients. In her spare time she likes to snowboard, climb, hit things with rackets and cycle around

Book Review

I think the the telling of real-life disasters is important so we can learn from them

I think that Rescue is a good book and that telling the stories of real-life disasters is important because we can learn from them and try to stop disasters happening in the future. Also, we can improve rescue tactics by understanding what techniques were successful or unsuccessful in previous missions.

My favourite chapter was “A bomb in a soldier’s body”, about a boy called Channing carrying a bomb inside his body. It is shocking that something like that can happen.

All the rescuers were brave in their own way. Helpful and smart- heroes I suppose you could call them.

I think that the artwork in this book is super good. It was really detailed and added to the telling of the stories.

I would say that this book is suitable for children aged 8 years of age or above because of the subjects but also because I think young children tend to like fiction books rather than non-fiction.

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