Kid’s Review: Rise of the Shadow Dragons

Kid’s Review: Rise of the Shadow Dragons

About the Book and Author

Rise of the Shadow Dragons is the exciting sequel to Dragon Daughter and an ideal choice for readers aged 9-12 who love magical adventures. The inside pages are illustrated by Paul Duffield and the book is published by David Fickling Books.

Jowan has only ever wanted one thing: a dragon of his own. He has waited for this moment for as long as he can remember. But the Hatching Day ends in heartbreak, shame and disappointment, with Jowan in self-imposed exile, his dream in tatters. Jowan’s adventure is only just beginning. A chance meeting with another outcast, Winter, and an astonishing discovery could lead him to exactly what he has always wanted. He needs to act fast though -a volcano is stirring, battle lines are being drawn and his world is in flames.

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Liz completed her PhD in Creative Writing in 2017, and divides her time between teaching and writing as well as fostering kittens. She also loves doing school visits and is fantastic at talking to young people and inspiring their creativity. For a few years she ran Lumb Bank, the Ted Hughes Arvon Centre. This fantastic job meant supporting a fresh batch of writers every week, hosting literary evenings, talking books, making meals, and juggling all the unpredictable and varied tasks that came with managing a historic building.

In 2019 Liz won two prestigious prizes voted for by children themselves for Dragon Daughter:  the Calderdale Primary Children’s Book of the Year and the Leeds Book Award. For more information visit her website.

Book Review

I love the storyline and it had lots of unexpected twists that I did not see coming

I loved reading this story and I think Liz Flanagan has great imagination. The first book in the series ‘Dragon Daughter’ is excellent, but this one is even better. There is less fighting in it and even more mystery than in the first story, which I liked.

I think that this book can be enjoyed by everyone, even if they’ve not read the first story. Joe is the new main hero and there are lots of other new characters too.  For those who loved the dragon riders in the first book, they do appear again, but this story focuses on Joe and Winter.

I love Winter and think she is a very strong and stoical character. After losing her first dragon she is a ‘dragonless’ and the only dragon rider who did not flee from the island after her dragon died. So, she lives alone, in ‘the shadow strip’ and people think she is a ghost, but she is very kind when she welcomes the injured Joe into her home.

Although the landscapes the author described in detail were fantastic, I think Liz could have described some of the other locations a bit better.

The shadow dragons themselves are amazing, although I wish they were less like standard dragons and had different abilities. They can swim underwater, but otherwise they are like all dragons who fly and breathe fire. It would also have been nice to see them grow up, as they did in Dragon Daughter, but maybe Liz Flanagan is planning to include them in a third book in this series… I hope so!

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Junior Reviewer Elsie
  • Name: Elsie
  • Age: 11 years
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