Kid’s Review: Sky Pirates Echo Quickthorn and the Great Beyond

Kid’s Review: Sky Pirates Echo Quickthorn and the Great Beyond

About the Book and Author

This magical adventure story is suitable for readers aged 8-11 years. It is illustrated by Mark Chambers and published by Simon and Schuster.

Echo Quickthorn and the Great Beyond is the start of a dazzling new series featuring mechanical dragons, carnivorous plants, sky pirates and perhaps worst of all … pickled squibnuts!

Echo is an orphan who grew up believing that nothing existed outside the kingdom’s walls and being told that all adventures are taboo. She always felt that she belonged somewhere else, but how could she when all that exists beyond Lockfort is a barren wasteland?

Everything changed for Echo when an eccentric professor crash-landed his airship outside her bedroom window in the dead of night, claiming to have come from another city and armed with a map of magical, unheard-of places that exist beyond the kingdom walls. Could this be Echo’s opportunity to explore?

Sky Pirates front cover
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Alex English is a picture book author, a graduate of the Bath Spa University MA Writing for Young People and a SCBWI volunteer. She currently lives with her family just outside Paris. Sky Pirates: Echo Quickthorn and the Great Beyond is her first middle-grade title and the start of a swashbuckling new series. For more information about the author visit her website.

Book Review

I loved this book because it felt like you were Echo on all these adventures!

It made me feel excited and it is a real page turner. The story about a very adventurous girl called Echo who is not allowed out of the castle gates that she lives in. She lives in the castle with the timid Prince Horace, the controlling King Alfons and she also has a pet Lizard called Gilbert. She dreams of finding her Mother and then when Professor Daggerwing flies into her life everything changes…
The book did feel a bit slow at the start, but it soon picked up and although it is a long book, I still wanted to know what was on the next page. I definitely give this book FIVE STARS!!!

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Reviewer Profile

Junior Reviewer Lyra
  • Name: Lyra
  • Age: 8 years
  • Likes: football, guinea pigs and playing the violin
  • Dislikes: people being mean and mushrooms
  • Favourite Book: Tom Gates: Excellent Excuses by Liz Pichon
  • Favourite Film: Star Wars
  • Favourite Song: High Horse by Kacey Musgroves