Kid’s Review: The B Team

Kid’s Review: The B Team

About the Book and Author

The B Team is a short story for Early Readers about a boy who learns to value his contribution, even if he is not the fastest, the best or the most popular. It is written by Roy Noble, illustrated throughout in colour by Karl Davies and published Graffeg

Rhodri used to hate Wednesdays as they remind him of a time when his father was still at home and they were something special and always fun.  Now Wednesdays are taken up by tests and his so far unsuccessful efforts to get into the school football team. Things change for the better when Rhodri meets Dylan, the collie who’s afraid of sheep, and Idris, one of King Arthur’s legendary court, who wants nothing more than to achieve his full knight status and gain a seat at Arthur’s Round Table. Rhodri and Dylan join forces to work together to achieve their aims, enjoying  team work and laughter along the way. This is a positive story with a message about appreciating the value of everyone’s potential and contribution.

You can’t have a successful football team if all the players want to be strikers!



Roy Noble author

Roy Noble is a native of Brynaman in the Amman Valley of Carmarthenshire. Following a professional career in education he later joined the BBC, where his daily radio programme has attained high listening figures in Wales for a number of years, culminating in a national Sony Award. His writing includes the Graffeg title Down the Road and Round the Bend, a collection recounting traditional stories and legends from the length and breadth of Wales and most recently Walking with Bumps.

Karl Davies is an exciting new children’s book illustrator whose work has brought the cast and characters of Graffeg’s ABC of Opera series vividly to life. Karl is a landscape painter based in Pontypridd, Wales, and has also illustrated Walking with Bamps, the first children’s book from Roy Noble, published March 2020.

Book Review

This story showed how you need to adapt to change sometimes, and not everything is good all the time

I liked reading this book although I found it too young for me. I am nearly ten years old and I think it would be more suitable for someone who is 6-8 years old. It is funny in parts; overall an enjoyable read with some ups and some downs. I liked how the author told the tale and it had a good moral message. It shows how you need to adapt to change and that not everything is good all the time.

My favourite character is Rhodri because he is quite funny and I like to read about him. I also liked Idris the knight because he made me giggle and his thoughts were funny to read about.

Rhodri dislikes Wednesdays, it used to be his favourite day, but without his dad to make his days topsy-turvey or help him have fun he hates them. It all turns out fine in the end, but it was still hard for him at the time because he missed his Dad.

The moral is: You need to adapt to change and think about being positive even if you are sad. I think this is a useful message for everyone to remember when things are not going so well.

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Junior Reviewer Esme
  • Name: Esme
  • Age: 9 years
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