Kid’s Review: The New Girl

Kid’s Review: The New Girl

About the Book and Author

This is an usual and thought-provoking story by Nicola Davies with beautiful soft-coloured illustrations on every page by Cathy Fisher.

The author and illustrator dedicate the book to “children who struggle to be seen” and it made me reflect upon all those people, not just children, who make no demands for attention and risk being invisible to others for no greater reason than their quiet presence is often overlooked in favour of the more flamboyant characters in our lives.

In this story the new girl is ignored by her classmates as she is different and even though the story is very simple a reader can sense her isolation and empathise with her possible feeling of rejection. For no one enjoys being in that position and children are notoriously unsympathetic to outsiders.

It is therefore lovely to find out that, in time., a friendship blossoms, perhaps kindled by the origami gifts that are anonymously left inside the classroom…

This inspiring story, reminding us all to be kind and considerate,  is published by Graffeg, therefore also available in Welsh.

The New Girl from cover
Cathy Fisher and Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies in award-winning children’s author. Underlying all Nicola’s writing is the belief that a relationship with nature is essential to every human being, and that now, more than ever, we need to renew that relationship. Nicola’s children’s books from Graffeg include Perfect, The Word Bird, Animal Surprises, Into the Blue and the Shadows and Light series: The White Hare, Mother Cary’s Butter Knife, The Selkie’s Mate, Elias Martin, Bee Boy and the Moonflowers and The Eel Question.

Cathy Fisher grew up with eight brothers and sisters, playing in the fields overlooking Bath. She has been a teacher and practising artist all her life, living and working in the Seychelles and Australia for many years. Art is Cathy’s first language. As a child she scribbled on the walls of her bedroom and ever since has felt a sense of urgency to paint and draw stories and feelings which she believes need to be heard and expressed.

Book Review

My favourite part was seeing the steps to fold a flower out of paper

I read this book to my little sister who said, “I love it”

I enjoyed reading it too. It is a story about friendship and why it is important not to judge a person from the outside but from the inside.

My favourite part was seeing the steps to fold a flower out of paper.

I was pleased that the book has a happy ending as that made me feel happy too.


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