Kid’s Book Review: The Wild Way Home

Kid’s Book Review: The Wild Way Home

About the Book and Author

This time-slip adventure is suitable for readers aged 8-11 years is written by Sophie Kirtley and published by Bloomsbury.

To many it would seem that Charlie leads an ordinary life until his family life is changed forever with the arrival of his baby brother Dara. This was something that Charlie had always wanted but nothing is ever perfect.

Without knowing what to do next, Charlie runs away hoping to have time to think and find answers to all his questions. His two oldest friends Lamont and Beaky, Nero know just where to look and try to reassure him that returning home is the best thing to do. But is it?

You are never quite sure where Charlie’s adventures will take him next, finding someone else who needs help in another way, helps him to think differently. It is not long before Charlie realises that he must work hard to keep them both safe from whatever they face next. Things are not always as they seem…

Before he knows it Charlie is in a different world, one from long ago. The Stone Age. He must do all he can to try and survive this new environment. Trust, is something which he will need to start to do or he could find himself in a great deal of danger.

Maybe it was now time to stop running and face his fears…

Sophie Kirtley was born in Northern Ireland and has always loved stories. She taught English in secondary schools for many years and has worked in a theatre, a bookshop and a tiny pub where folk tell fairytales by candlelight. She firmly believes that stories are everywhere and is delighted that her first book, The Wild Way Home, was chosen to be Waterstones’ Children’s Book of the Month for July 2020.

Find out more about the author on her website.

Book Review

I liked The Wild Way Home as it was a style of book which I had not read before

The setting is in the modern day and explores the day to day life of normal people living in normal communities so it is believable and seemed real to me.

It was interesting how the story twisted from Charlie being excited about the arrival of a new baby brother to him realising the cold hard reality of how his life would now change. I was not very impressed with how badly Charlie reacted to his baby brother entering the world.

This is a book which I would recommend to my friends as it was exciting to read about Charlie’s world being turned upside down and him having to enter the Stone Age and deal with its challenges. I liked following where he and his Stone Age friend went on the map and noticing the similarities and differences in the landscape depending upon whether the story was being told in the present day or in the past.

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