Kid’s Review: The World’s Most Magnificent Machines

Kid’s Review: The World’s Most Magnificent Machines

About the Book and Author

A fantastic collection featuring 32 of the best Magnificent Machines from across history by Blue Peter award-winning writer and historian David Long. In addition to the all important facts and figures are lots of sleek, stylish illustrations by Simon Tyler across both pages of this large hardback book. Published by Faber this book will be poured over by any young reader who is interested in vehicles, speed and inventions.

The longest ship ever built, the heaviest digger and the largest aeroplane, the world’s first working motorcar, and its most expensive one. What machines like these have in common is that they all say a lot about the inventiveness and imagination of the people who conceived and created them. Some of them are useful, others are just a bit of fun, but the best ones are truly magnificent, and fascinating to discover.

Designed to drive faster, fly higher, carry more cargo or – in the case of space rockets – travel hundreds of thousands of miles to places no-one has ever been before, not every idea has worked but the best have been inspired and inspirational, and in a few cases they have gone on to change the world.
It is the human stories that make this book fascinating to read and learn from.

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David Long writer

Writer and historian David Long is the author of the acclaimed Animals’ VC: For Gallantry and Devotion and the Blue Peter award-winning author of Survivors, Heroes and Rescue, which have total combined sales of 50,000 copies. To find out more about the author please visit his website.

Simon Tyler is an author, illustrator and multidisciplinary designer who has written, designed and illustrated children’s non-fiction books for some of the UK’s leading publishers. He is currently working on his first illustrated book for an adult audience – Gizmo – to be published by Laurence King in 2021. You can find out more about his work here.


Book Review

I liked that I could choose which machine I wanted to learn about

THE WORLD’S MOST MAGNIFICENT MACHINES is not like usual books that I read because it is not a story book.

This book is all about machines and how they have evolved from 1885 until today. There are lots of different kinds of machines included in the book. Most of the machines are automotive vehicles, boats and flying machines, but it also includes other machines like the tunnel boring machine that was used to dig the tunnels for the new London Underground line.

Each chapter of the book tells you about a different machine. There are lots of really great drawings of the machines which helps you understand and makes the chapter more interesting.

I didn’t read all of this book in one go. I read about one machine at a time. I liked that I could choose which machine I wanted to learn about, and then share what I learnt with my Mum and Dad. Sometimes I had to ask my Mum or Dad what words meant, but I could read and understand most of it myself. My favourite machine was the Harrier aircraft, because it didn’t need a runway to take off!

I think this would be a good book for anyone interested in learning about machines, how they work and what they do. I think this book is best for children 8 years and older because some of the words are difficult.

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