• Organising part of an author's tour
  • Finding a suitable festival or venue
  • Supporting an author at an event
  • Arranging live-streaming or book sales

Helping Your Publicity Team

Books Up North has good working relationships with the largest publishers in London and supports the small independent presses.  Sarah can assist your publicity team in a number of ways such as using her local knowledge and connections to identify a suitable venue or festival for your writers or assembling a mini-tour in-line with your budget. And as she is relatively local to the event, she could ensure your writers are properly supported by attending or your behalf saving both your travel costs and valuable time.

Sarah works with an extended team of professionals who can help her to deliver live-streamed events, curate exhibitions, record and edit video footage or produce literary projects.

She is coordinating a panel of young book reviewers who are reading and reviewing new books releases on her Junior Blog page. She is passionate about getting authors into schools and has a storing network of schools in her area. She has also produced more complex creative writing projects such as the 100 Years of War which involved writers Michael Morpurgo, Danny Martin and Justin Huggler and 25 war veterans from Yorkshire. Other long-running successes are the  School Story Project endorsed by Sir Quentin Blake for Key Stage One pupils,  and an inter-school slam poetry competition devised by Andy Seed and known as the P-Factor, where the prizes are shown below.

She is also a bookseller who can offer a book sales service at an event thereby ensuring that the book sales and signings are properly managed.

Books Up North is keen to work more closely with indie and small print publishers so that readers can access those writers whose books are not often visible in high-street bookshops and more difficult to get a sense of online.

If you are a publicist or agent who would like to explore if Books Up North can help your team please get in touch.

Or why not send us a proof so that she can review a forthcoming release on our New & Reviews page?

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