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Simon Farnaby Podcast Simon Farnaby Podcast

About our Guest

Simon Farnaby has written and starred in some of the UK’s best-loved family TV shows such as Horrible Histories and Ghosts as well as the blockbuster films Paddington and Paddington 2. He has also appeared in the Sky TV series Yonderland and on the big screen he plays the part of Dutch stuntman in the spoof cult detective movie Mindhorn.

The Wizard in My Shed is his first children’s book and he is currently writing the sequel. Here you can read a kids’ review of The Wizard in My Shed.

When Simon is not writing or acting he can be found roaming Hampstead Heath with his dogs or cleaning-up guinea pig poo!

Photo © Debra Hurford Brown


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In a Nutshell

Magic Kingdom for Sale cover
  • Tea or Coffee: Tea with milk and 1/2 sugar
  • Accompanying snack: Cream tea
  • Ebook or physical copy: Actual books
  • Best subject at school: English
  • Favourite Childhood Stories: Sherlock Hound series
  • Currently Reading: Magic Kingdom for Sale by Terry Brookes
  • Special Book to Save: The Ginger Man by J. P. Donleavy
  • Fantasy Lockdown Location: Barbados